Arrived in Aosta! About to go and get the skis fit now! It a beautiful day In Aosta – 16 degrees! Moscow last Sunday, Aosta today – what a jet setter Franz is!

Speedily through ski fit! All sorted with skis, boots poles and helmets ready for tomorrow! Off for lunch now – Franz thinks it’s either pasta or pizza! Yippie!

Rooms all sorted, children showered with some actually using soap and shampoo! Some tried to put the same clothes on after the shower but Franz is too old and experienced to fall for that old trick! Welcome meeting taken by our lovely rep Angelique (who looked after us last year) so children all clued up on what is going on! Supper at 6.00pm and then an early night. Breakfast at 7.15am.

Supper was tomato pasta followed by pork and potato with ice cream to finish. Some very tired and emotional children (and adults) so everyone in bed by 8.30pm. Eddie has arrived and is all sorted in his room. Big day tomorrow – skiing and a big birthday for Franz. Daughter number 2 flying in tonight for a couple of days! Franz has just sorted out the teams for bowling tomorrow night. Annual competition with Mrs F and Miss F – Mr F usually last!