1st IX Rounders Triangle v Hurst & Brighton

1st IX Rounders v Brighton (1 innings)  –  Won 9½-5

Playing a 30 good ball innings in this triangle we were up against Brighton first.  Jo’s bowling was perfect and our fielding tight, as Brighton failed to score after the first 9 deliveries!  The Brighton girls had some good batters and a lot of contact was being made, unfortunately they were just not hard enough to get passed our fielders. We had 5 rounders to chase!

It was our turn to bat and the rounders started to come steadily with Amber scoring our first one, off  a second ball.  Meg was our best batter today scoring 3 rounders.  A good batting innings and another brilliant win for the Copthorne girls!  Well done.

Amber (2), Sav (1), Harri (½), Charlotte (1½), Sophie (1), Ronnie (½) Meg (3)

1st IX Rounders v Hurst 2nd IX (1 innings)  –  Won 9½-2½

After watching the match between Hurst and Brighton where Brighton won 10-9 the girls were ready for their next match against Hurst.

We were put into bat first and we got off to a slow steady start with ½ rounders coming from Amber, Sarena and Sophie and our first full rounder from Ronnie after the first 9 deliveries. Charlotte made 2 rounders after some great speed around the posts and there were rounders also from Amber and another 1 from Ronnie.

Sophie finished off the innings with a great rounder off the last ball to give Hurst 9½ to chase!

Once again our fielding was brilliant!  After 19 deliveries Hurst only managed to score ½ rounder!  Well done girls a fabulous win  Hurst were unable to score any full rounders  –  Awesome!  MJ

Top scorers in this game:  Ronnie (2), Charlotte (2).  Jo (½), Amber (1½), Sarena (1), Sophie (1½), Meg (1)

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