1st IX Rounders v Cottesmore – Lost 8½-11

What a beautiful afternoon for a game of rounders!  Katie lost the toss and the Cottesmore girls ordered us into bat first.  The girls made a fabulous start with rounders from Micki, Jess and Fi off their first ball and also a ½ for Katie.  Unfortunately, this is when the scoring slowed down and the Cottesmore girls woke up!  Micki managed to find another rounder and we ended our innings with 4½ rounders.

Cottesmore came into bat and scored a rounder off the first ball, but the deadly duo, Katie & Sofia managed to stump 3 girls out with some quick reactions on 1st post.  Both Micki and Jess made brilliant catches off hard, high ball in the deep field and Katie caught a really low ball from a backward hit.  Great reactions girls!

In our second innings the Cottesmore girls tightened up their fielding and the Copthorne girls were finding it hard to find the gaps.  However, Jess and Micki scored good rounders with Roselly, Katie, Frosty, Micki also scoring ½s.  I was worried 4 rounders was going to be enough to win!

Unfortunately too many mistakes were made and the Cottesmore girls managed to score 6½ rounders to win the match.  There were 2 fabulous catches from Micki, who really had to run for one of them and Katie also had another good catch.

A lovely game, which could have gone either way.  Cottesmore only scored 3 whole rounders but were brave enough to take risks and win the ½ rounders on 2nd post.  Well done Micki for being top scorer with 3½ rounders.  Thank you to all the supporters!  Tori, Roselly (½), Micki (3½), Jess (2), Sofia (1), Georgia, Katie (1), Frosty (½), Chloe.  MJ


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