1st IX Rounders v Cumnor – Won 15-12½

We were all relieved that the sun was shining and we were able to play a rounders match today.  It is always a tough game when we face Cumnor and today was no exception.

The Copthorne girls watched the 12 Cumnor girls warming up and we knew that we would have to play really well today to beat them.

Captain Mima lost the toss and we were put into bat first. No-one wanted to go first, so Amber volunteered and showed her team just how to do it, by scoring a fabulous rounder off the 1st ball! Great start Amber!

The Cumnor bowler was very accurate and she delivered another 6 balls before we were able to score again, with Karina and Emily both making good contact placing it over the deep fielders and scoring a rounder each.

We then hit a bit of a wall apart from Amber, who was top scorer in this innings with 3 and Harriet who kept us in the game scoring 2½. Another ½ from Liliana and after 40 good balls we ended our innings with 8 rounders.

Elise stepped up to bowl and our fielders were ready! We played very well in this innings, making very few mistakes and both Liliana and Harriet held onto high catches. We didn’t panic and managed to hold onto a first innings lead by ½ a rounder with Cumnor scoring 7½.

All to play for in the second innings and we were up for it!

However, we didn’t start very well, with Amber up first and not so lucky, as she was stumped out on 1st post, quickly followed by Charlotte. After 22 balls we had only scored 1½ rounders! We kept our nerve and played a sensible game ending the innings with    7 rounders.

Once again we went into field. Elise bowled brilliantly and between Karina (BS) and Harri (1st Post) we stumped out the first batter. Liliana was on fire in this innings. She was fielding between 2nd and 3rd post and bravely stopped any ball that came her way, getting her hands low to the ground. Brilliant! She made 2 brilliant catches too! Emily had a great game in the deep field, with accurate throwing into the post players to stop rounders being scored. Hannah also held onto catches, including one to end the game, as did Harriet, but Amber made the catch of the game with only 2 batters left and good balls running out, she plucked the ball out of the air one-handed!

We got all 9 batters out with 13 balls left! A fabulous fielding performance from all the team. Congratulations to Hannah who was voted Player of the Match by the Cumnor team, which was a great choice! I would also like to mention Liliana, Emily and Amber, as their fielding was awesome today! Well done girls!

Huge thanks to our supporters. MJ


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