Students with headteacher

1st IX Rounders v Great Walstead – Summer 2017

19th May 2017

The 1sts were up against a very strong Great Walstead team this week. The visiting side batted first and started powerfully, scoring 2½ rounders off the first 3 balls and we feared the worst. Copthorne battled back with some good fielding and calling from Rosie and Khushi. Their score slowed down but remained constant with lots of useful half rounders. We went into bat for the first time and the girls faced a very fast bowler. Although not quite as dynamic, the girls did get bat to ball but could not get much passed first post to score due to the slick fielding combination of their bowler, backstop and first post.

Copthorne fielded much better in the second innings, taking two catches and a couple of stumping’s on second post but somehow Great Walstead still managed to raise their game, hitting the ball everywhere. We were in for a tough ask when batting again. The girl’s spirits remained high and they looked to take risks to try and force the opposition into mistakes. Unfortunately Great Walstead were far to organised and alert in the field taking catch after catch. Although not reaching their score, Josie did get the last word in as the only batter left and still 3 balls remaining managed to score a rounder off every one!

Player of the match: Jemima C.