1st IX Rounders v Great Walstead – Won 13½-12

In the absence of Captain Katie, Roselly stepped up to win the toss and put Great Walstead into bat first.

They scored a rounder off the first ball and really woke our fielders up!  Another ½ was made by the next batter  –  and then we settled down, with Jess making 2 fabulous catches one after the other on the 8th and 9th deliveries.  Micki and Tori were kept busy in the deep field and quickly threw the ball back into the diamond to stop any score. Izzy made a catch just beyond 4th and Chloe (who had stepped in as backstop, and had a brilliant game) threw a lovely fast accurate ball to Sofia (on 1st) to stump a player out.  Innings over and Great Walstead scored 4 rounders.

Our batting innings started well with Tori scoring ½ off the first delivery and then Micki stepped up and hit a lovely ball into space to score our first rounder, quickly followed by rounders from Fi, Isy and a ½ from Georgia.  The score was even.  It was now time to turn the screw and really notch up the score.  Unfortunately most of our hits were fielded well by the Great Walstead girls and Micki was the only batter to make another full rounder.  However, a steady innings, we ended with 7.

It was all to play for in the second innings and the Great Walstead girls were really up for it!  They managed to find the gaps between our fielders and scored lots of ½ rounders to go with the 4 full rounders ending their second innings with 8.  Total score to chase 12!

The Copthorne girls went into bat knowing they had to score 5½ to win!  No pressure then!

We started off very slowly … with Roselly the only batter, scoring ½ off the first 9 balls!  It wasn’t until it was her turn again that she started the scoring off properly with a rounder which was quickly followed by rounders from Chloe and Fi  –  3½ scored, only 2 to find! We then had a succession of stumping outs, but we held our nerve with Tori managing to run sensibly to secure ½ rounders on 2 occasions and Roselly and Frosty bringing the win to Copthorne also with ½ rounders to end the innings with 6½.

Well done girls, a really lovely game played in good spirit by both teams.   Congratulations to Chloe for being voted Player of the Match and thank you to our loyal supporters!  MJ

Tori (1½), Roselly (2½), Micki (3), Jess, Chloe (1½), Frosty (½), Fi (2½), Georgia (½), Izzy (1½)


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