1st IX Rounders v Hurst U13B 

22nd April 2016

The Copthorne girls were excited to be playing their first rounders match of the term, although Hurst were unable to send their 1st team! Looking very smart in their red skorts and white tops; injured Captain Emily unfortunately lost the toss and Hurst put us into bat first. The Hurst bowler was very consistent and accurate with her deliveries; Amber was up first and started the scoreboard ticking over with a ½ rounder followed by full rounders from Hermione (after Josie had struck a good ball) and Khushi.

We played 40 good balls; at the end of our first batting innings we scored 14½ rounders with Rosie and Catherine the only 2 batters out. It was then our turn to field; the bowling was shared between Elise and Alice and both girls delivered well. A little confusion in the field with over throws led to Hurst scoring a rounder off the first ball. However, we soon settled and although a couple of mistakes were made it was a solid fielding performance from everyone, limiting Hurst to only 6 rounders. We realised at this point that we were a much stronger team!

In our second batting innings we relaxed into the game and everyone scored ½ rounder or more. Josie and Elise were the pick of the batters. Josie made some good contact with the ball; but due to a knee injury had a runner. This job was shared between Hermione, Rosie and Elise; between them they managed to score 6 rounders off Josie’s hits! We also saw 2 great catches one from Alice which came straight back at her after her delivery and another good reaction catch from Khushi at backstop.

Josie was voted player of the match by the Hurst team, so well done, but my POM goes to Elise for scoring a rounder off every ball in the second innings and 3 for Josie too!

Due to the huge score after our second innings it was decided that Hurst should use their innings as batting practice; so they had 40 balls and not out! They only scored 3½ rounders!

Well done girls, a good first ‘practice’ game, with the final score being 30-9½.


Team: Amber (5), Elise (7½), Catherine (½), Alice (2½), Hermione (1), Josie (6), Sheen (4), Khushi (3), Rosie (½)