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1st IX Rounders v St Christopher’s Won 15-12

26th June 2016

The last game of the season for the Year 8 girls and how lovely to finish off with a win! We played a timed innings and no out on 1st post as the pitch was a little slippery and it actually made for a better game. Emily won the toss for the first time this season and put the home team into bat first. Our fielding wasn’t the best with a few over throws to posts and not reacting quickly enough the St Christopher’s girls started to score off our mistakes. It wasn’t until the 18th ball that we managed to get our first batter out. Rosie had a good game at backstop catching a backwards hit and also a good stumping out on 4th after Hermione practically threw the ball to herself in the field but recovered quickly enough to throw to Rosie. Alice stumped out a couple on 2nd with a good throw in from Jemima. After the first innings the St Christopher’s girls had scored 6½ rounders.
Our turn to bat and Rosie got the 1st IX off to a fabulous start with a rounder off the first ball, followed by a half from Catherine and Jemima and a wonderful rounder from Hermione!

A few more half rounders followed with good sensible decision making from the girls and Elise scored our final rounder of the first innings before being caught by the backstop. We also scored 6½ rounders. Game on!
After a quick team talk the girls were instructed to be tighter in the field and not allow so many halves to be scored.

They played brilliantly; with both Alice and Elise making good catches off their own deliveries and the rest of the team making quicker decisions in the field. The hosts scored 5½ rounders bringing their total to 12.
We needed 6 to win; rounders came from Josie, Elise, Amber (2), and halves scored by Jemima, Alice, Rosie, Hermione and Catherine to win the game with 8½ rounders bringing our final score to 15.

This game was played in a wonderful spirit; both teams were evenly matched and had great fun! Huge congratulations to Jemima C (Year 6) who played for the 1sts today as her team didn’t have a game and she definitely didn’t look out of place scoring 2 rounders for the team! Well done to Amber who was voted best batter and Elise who was voted the best fielder of the game. Well done girls. MJ

Emily (Capt), Rosie (2½), Alice (1), Josie (1), Elise (3), Catherine (1), Jemima (2) Amber (3), Hermione (1½)

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