1st VII Tag Rugby Festival

7th March 2016

All of the senior girls took part in the tag Rugby festival this afternoon, and it was lovely to see everyone involved and getting into the spirits of things, despite the dismal weather!

The seniors played a round robin competition with one way 8 minute matches, with the teams gaining 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. The first match was Copthorne B v GW Tigers and  proved to be an exciting first match, however it was GW Tigers who managed to outrun Copthorne and they won the match 5 tries, to 3.

The second match was Copthorne A v GW  which proved to be the deciding match today of the tournament! Both teams were evenly matched  scored try for try. So when the whistle blew the score line was 4-4.

Next Copthorne A found themselves up against Shoreham and they were obviously just getting warmed up in their first match, as they won this match 6 tries to 0! In the next match both of the Copthorne teams  playing and the Copthorne B team showed great signs of improvement and were unlucky to lose to Shoreham 3 tries to 2. The Copthorne A team continued their winning streak winning against GW Lions with 7 tries, with Elise taking the most spectacular try of the tournament in this match, doing the splits!

It was then the Copthorne B teams turn to play GW Lions and again they fought hard but were narrowly beaten 6 tries to 4. In the final match before both of the Copthorne teams found themselves up against each other, Copthorne A took on GW Tigers and won 4 tries to 0 and Copthorne B began to tire slightly in this last match losing to GW Cheetah by 10 tries to 3, however Vania took the most spectacular fall of the tournament in this match! To finish off the festival both Copthorne teams played each other and they played this match in high spirits  it was lovely to see them all having fun, and a great way to end the festival! (Copthorne A did win this match though with 7 tries) When it was time for the presentation the Copthorne A team knew the results would be close, but they didn’t realise just how close they would be! Both GW Cheetahs and Copthorne A were tied on 22 points each, taking it to a try difference! When the tries were counted, GW Cheetahs had 29 tries and Copthorne A had 28, so GW Cheetahs literally pipped Copthorne to the post by one try! So Copthorne A were very worthy runners up! Copthorne B also came in a very worthy sixth place, showing great signs of improvement over the afternoon and were unlucky not to be placed higher today!

All in all, it was a super afternoon of Rugby, with the girl’s muddy kits representing how much fun they had! A big thank you must be said to all the spectators who braved the weather today, as well as Mrs Persad, Mr Coulson, Mr Van De Merwe and Mr McGuigan for their super coaching and refereeing skills! TC