1st XII Rugby v Lancing Prep

Just a XII a side this week so a number of positional changes which can be disruptive. It was clear, as Sam went in for an early score, that the boys were very much the stronger side. After 10 minutes and several scores we adopted a more structured approach to the game so as to gain from the afternoon. The referee, quite rightly, went for unopposed scrums and we restricted the distance gained meaning that the concentration was on support play and good passing. The high light of the afternoon for me was a well worked score down the blind side by Ben V and Robbie who burst through three tackles to score, with great delight, in the corner. It is very important in games like these to keep playing good rugby that will work no matter who the opposition is. Final score of 65 – 5. There will be harder work in the near future but I feel that we are moving in the right direction as a squad.



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