Students with headteacher

2nd IX Football v Cumnor House 

20th November 2015

So the final game of the season and probably the toughest fixture, team changes right up to the last minute and a howling gale, what could be better preparation?

Right from the start it was clear that we were up against some serious opposition. They went out to our right where the winger skipped past Thomas and put in a quality cross causing real chaos in the defence. We survived the initial onslaught but there needed to be last ditch tackles from Peter, Nick and Thomas and a succession of saves from Ben to keep the scores level. The midfield were having to defend deeper and deeper which gave us no way of relieving the pressure and inevitably we conceded. However the boys continued to battle hard with Kieron and Luke working well in midfield. Josh was slow to get going today but improved as the game progressed making some telling contributions especially in the second half.. The boys up front, Rohan and Kai were struggling against a solid and quick defence. We did create one golden chance which unfortunately went begging so 1-0 at the break.

The second half was more of the same but Cumnor could not get that decisive second goal, which I think, would have killed the game. It was in fact a speculative effort from distance with a reliable toe end that saw us equalise through Peter and an unlikely draw looked on the cards with only a few minutes to go. With less than 2 minutes to go Cumnor got the second, and what proved to be, the winning goal and although we had an opportunity right at the death we couldn’t quite covert it to claim the draw.

On balance a fair result but the fact that the boys were so disappointed is testament to how far they have come since September. Our aim is to improve their football and when this final game is compared to the initial fixture at Shoreham there really is no comparison so well done boys. So an end to the football and we move on to rugby next week. Thanks to all the parental support it really does encourage the boys. JC