2nd IX Rounders v Great Walstead – Lost 12½ – 20

Great Walstead arrived at Copthorne ready and geared up for their match. The visiting side went into bat first with their first two batters getting on the score sheet. Copthorne came back strongly with a run out on 2nd post and Elly, Vicky and Willow all taking catches in quick succession. From here the opposition quickly adjusted their strategy and started to find the gaps, easily picking up ½ rounders and before we knew it putting on the scoreboard a total of 8 rounders after the 1st innings. Copthorne got off to a rocky start as the girls found themselves 3 batters down for only ½ a rounder. Willow and Eloise managed to rescue the innings by putting on 4½ rounder’s between the two of them and thus keeping Copthorne only 1 rounder behind. It seemed as if another Great Walstead team showed up for the 2nd innings, their batting was simply fantastic. Not only did they pick their spot but the ball travelled further with each batter and the rounders coming thick and fast. Copthorne knew they were up for a challenge and keen to get their 2nd innings underway but could not find their rhythm from the previous innings. Although the girls were connecting with the ball, their placement was not ideal therefore having to stop at 1st post as the opposition were quick to stop us from scoring. This forced the girls to risk a lot more as the game went on, Prisha and Harriet kept the home sides hopes alive but simply ran out of balls to chase down the total. Well done to Georgina for being voted player of the match.

Team: Willow, Eloise, Abbey, Harriet, Prisha, Georgina, Victoria, Elly and Alejandra.

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