2nd IX Rounders v Ardingly – Lost 9½-15½

The girls started the rounders season with a tough match against Ardingly. Copthorne won the toss, having the advantage of fielding first. The first innings of fielding showed some great determination from Prisha and Harriet, stumping out a total of 4 Ardingly girls between them on 1st and 2nd post. Victoria was a consistent bowler throughout the game, rarely bowling a no ball. At some points the girls gave away rounders by panicking and not thinking about where the ball should be thrown, however most of the time they worked together as a team to get people out. Ardingly had some great batters which tested our deep fielders. Willow performed excellently using the gate position regularly, stopping the ball and throwing it straight to the correct post. Our batting in the first innings was good. The girls didn’t miss many, however lack of determination and sprinting to 1st post meant at least 5 of the Copthone girls were stumped out before reaching 1st. Georgina gave some great hits, scoring a total of 2 rounders in the first innings, along with Abbey who scored 1. On ball 20 every girl had been caught or stumped out except Georgia, who knew she had to get all the way round otherwise she would be out. She stepped up to bat and gave an amazing hit, sprinting all the way to 4th scoring a rounder and again did the same on her next bat. Sadly she got out on her third, but what a performance! The score after the first innings was 6-5 ½ to Ardingly.

The second innings started to slide downhill. The girls let Ardingly score 9 ½ rounders which was due to sloppy fielding and lack of cooperation. I think the girls’ spirits went down when they saw Ardingly getting away. However, Georgia stumped 2 girls out at 2nd post and Harriet caught 1 girl out on 1st post. The batting itself was not bad, however Ardingly had a very strong 1st and 2nd base, stopping Copthorne getting ½ rounders a lot of the time, therefore keeping our score very low. For the last 5 balls, Prisha and Georgina were the only 2 left in, getting some ½ rounders for the team. Although the girls put up a good fight, the final score was 15 ½ – 9 ½ to Ardingly. Unlucky girls, great effort!  HD


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