Students with headteacher

2nd IX Rounders v Ashdown House – Summer 2017

25th May 2017

On a scorching hot day the girls were ready to take on Ashdown House. Abi lost the toss and we went into bat first. Isobel was our first batter and got the team off to a fabulous start scoring a rounder off the first ball! Abi also scored a rounder off her first ball and Shriya scored ½. We continued to keep the scoreboard ticking over with some good hits and lots of ½’s to end our innings on 7½.

Our fielding was excellent at the beginning of Ashdown’s batting innings; after 10 minutes they had scored 2½. However in the last 5 minutes they really put their foot down and started to take bigger risks, but also placing their hits, in the same area, but our girls didn’t reorganise their fielders! We allowed them to score 6½.

It was all to play for in the second innings, we were ahead by 1 and the girls were determined to hit the ball hard. Once again Isobel scored a rounder off the first ball, but the Ashdown girls were quick from backstop to first post and 5 of our girls were stumped and 2 caught! Isobel and Shriya were our only batters left and although Shriya managed to score ½ the Ashdown team stumped the box before we could get home. We scored 5½.

Our fielding had to be super tight in this innings and Abi bowled and caught 2, with some great running to secure her catches, and Isobel caught 2 at backstop as well. Hannah fielded well just off first post getting the ball quickly to Grace for a stumping out on second and Leah also got a batter out on first post. Things were looking great, with only 4 batters left! However, basic fielding mistakes let us down at the end; but to give the Ashdown girls credit, they made good contact with the ball and we just weren’t quick enough to the posts. They ended their innings scoring 9.

A good effort from all the girls again, they did brilliantly even though we were all wilting from the heat!
Players of the match were Abi for fielding and Isy for her batting. Well done girls.

Isobel (5), Jenna, Hannah, Lara (½), Orianne, Grace, Leah, Isabella (1½), Shriya (2½), Abi (3½)