2nd IX Rounders v St Christopher’s – Won 18-14

Last game of the year, and what a way to finish it off with! It was a nail-biting game, from start to finish, that was played in good spirits by both teams. Just ask the parents supporting, even they were permanently on the edge of their seats.

Copthorne started in the field first, and due to short numbers on the opposition’s side, we fielded with 8 players. This was one reason for the exciting game we had, as the ball could have gone into any open gap. The girls didn’t have the greatest 1st innings in the field, dropping a few catches and letting the ball roll through their legs but the girls stuck to their roles and end strongly, with Emily and Hermione holding onto two high catches.

The girl’s 1st innings with the bat also didn’t fair particular well earlier on as 3 batters got out in the first round with only 1½ rounders on the board. Thanks to the 6½ rounders scored between Emily and Alice, the girls got to breathe a sigh of relief as at the end of the innings they were ½ ahead.

The 2nd innings, which was cut shorter, saw a much improved fielding side; they were quicker to the ball and more accurate with their throws. Hermione and Madison each held onto a catch during this innings. The home side continued their aggressive batting and scored 5½ rounders to end their batting innings. This meant Copthorne had to score 5½ rounders to win.

Emily continued her fine form with the bat, scoring a rounder off the first ball. Valentina wasn’t going to let Emily have all the fun as she too got in on the action, scoring her first rounder. Many of the girl’s contributed to the score with ½ rounders here and there but it came down to Emily and Valentina who could score the most rounders. In the end, the girls comfortably reached their target. Well done to all the girls, fantastic game! HP

Players of the match: Emily & Alice

Team: Emily (6½), Natasha (½), Hermione (1), Valentina (3½), Madison (1½), Alice (3), Catherine (½), Maddie (1), Lily and Vania.


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