2nd IX Rounders v Cumnor – Lost 12-14½

The girls did a great job out on the rounders field at Cumnor. They coped well under the wet, rainy conditions and ran sensibility around the posts. Copthorne fielded first and Victoria was spot on with her bowling, not giving any extras away. As the innings went on the girls missed a few catches and run out opportunities but they managed to keep a positive attitude and restricted the home side to 6 ½ rounders. Our turn batting next and the girls were up for the challenge. All the girls watched the ball well and made contact, not risking too much and thinking before moving onto 2nd post. This sensible batting and with a few mishaps in the field by Cumnor, helped Copthorne to stay only 2 ½ rounders behind the home team. Cumnor Continued their 2nd innings much in the same fashion as their first. Their placement with the ball was accurate and deadly as they scored 8 rounders second time round. Copthorne’s fielding improved a lot during this innings, the girls were covering the posts and getting behind the ball saving runs as well as holding onto a few catches. The quicker reactions in the field also helped Prisha to run four players out at 2nd post. Copthorne, needing over 10 rounders to win, got off to a steady chase, chipping away at the score with ½ rounders. The girls once again got bat to ball but could not find the gaps big enough to get all the way round. Even by risking a lot between the posts, the girls still found themselves 2 ½ rounders behind by the end.  Well done to Vicky for being voted player of the match.

Team: Vicky, Prisha, Abbey, Alejandra, Eloise, Willow, Georgina, Harriet and Elly.

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