Students with headteacher

2nd IX v Shoreham College

7th September 2017

2 training sessions and a match for the boys during our first week back from the summer holidays. All the boys in both year 7 & 8 were representing the school this afternoon which is always good to see. I have to say that man for man, Shoreham were a more talented side and despite our best efforts we suffered a heavy defeat. To the eternal credit of the boys they never gave up and battled to the final minute. It was encouraging to see even the weaker footballers trying to do the right thing and there is no doubt that we were playing much better by the end of the game. Sport is about enjoyment and there were a lot of smiling faces at the end which is no bad thing. The boys have a lot to learn but they all showed a willingness to work yesterday which is all that a coach can ask for. A difficult day results wise but certainly things to work with. Great effort lads.