2nd VII Netball v Great Walstead – Lost 13-19

Copthorne took on Great Walstead and got off to a rusty start, with very little spatial awareness and sense of teamwork. However, after the first 5 minutes, the girls began to pull it together and start focusing on the game.

The first quarter stayed fairly balanced at 3-3 which gave the girls determination for the next quarter and kept them on their toes. After a team talk, the girls went back into the second quarter, confident and prepared. Suddenly we started seeing some wonderful interceptions from Tori and Georgina allowing us to turn over a few of Great Walstead’s centre passes.  The teamwork and movement down our attacking end from our fabulous shooters, Prisha and Chloe was immaculate. They formed space through good movement allowing perfect goal scoring opportunities. This left us 6-7 down in the second quarter.

 In the third quarter, Great Walstead picked up their pace, not missing any shots. The advantage of their tall shooters didn’t stop our defenders, Willow and Abbey, sticking to their players. The score at the end of this quarter was 12-9.

Although Great Walstead had crept ahead, Copthorne had not given up and kept fighting as a team. In the last quarter, the girls lost aim and they were passing to the other team more than their own players. Great Walstead turned over many of Copthorne’s centres which left the end score at 19-13 to Great Walstead.   HD

Player of the match: Tori


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