2nd VII Hockey v Cottesmore – Won 7-0

The girls took on Cottesmore this week and after all the rain we had in the morning this match was always going to be played as we were playing at EG on the water based astroturf.

After trying to sort out the Cottesmore goalie who turned up with one kicker, they decided to play without a goalie.

After the first 3 minutes Natalie, Hannah and Hermione had all scored a goal. The passes were good, although at times we lowered our standard to the same level as the Cottesmore team, who really struggled today.

After half time we moved the ball well, Lily found some good space down the line, Annie was in some excellent space in the ‘D’ to score a goal, Hannah got another goal with a lovely finish straight into the corner. Zilly and Elizabeth were strong in defence even though they didn’t have much to do! Zilly came up front and scored a great goal and Hermione managed to get another one too! The girls played very well today, using the space and running down the lines. Although the end score was only 7-0 it could have been a much higher score for the Copthorne girls. Madison didn’t have any saves to make, but did touch the ball at one point in the game!

Well done girls on a good win, next week we need to think about using the space more and getting someone high all the time so that there is always an option up front. Player of the match: Zilly. Well done LJ





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