2nd VII Hockey v Hurst – Lost 1-3

After a quick first goal from Hurst the girls settled down and started competing for the ball; however they made the game harder for themselves by doing a lot more running than necessary. In the first half the girls found themselves in the same line and had no clear structure of who the defence was and who were the forwards. Sophie worked really hard, and made tackle after tackle after tackle. The second half was completely different. The ball speed increased and passes were starting to find players or open space. Veronica, Meghana and Siân had more space to move in and as a result found themselves in the circle where Veronica put one past the keeper. Joanna covered well and also made some super tackles. Reihaanah was on form as keeper, denying countless attacks and many one on ones. The girls had a few more attacking chances but again were denied by stronger defence.  HP

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