On a freezing cold afternoon the girls braved the weather and played some superb netball and ended the afternoon as tournament runners-up. At the start of the tournament positions were randomly selected and after every time a goal was scored players from both teams rotated positions GK-GD-WD-C-WA-GA-GS-REST. With a squad of 8 players each player had to rest at the end of the rotation cycle. This might sound a little frantic, messy, crazy but it meant that the girls had to react quickly and work as a team to re-set. They were instantly being challenged and their decision making and adaptability was put to the test. Matches were 10 minutes one way with a 2 minute turn around. The tournament was played in a round robin format with 5 points awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

Match 1 v Hawthorns C Won 4-0
Match 2 v Holmewood House B Lost 5-2
Match 3 v Hazelwood B Won 3-2
Match 4 v Hawthorns B Lost 3-1
Match 5 v Hazelwood C Won 5-0
Match 6 v Sevenoaks B Won 5-0

At the beginning of the tournament the girls initially found the rotation a little bit tricky , but soon adapted and got into the swing of things. As the tournament progressed they worked well as a team and were quick to adapt to their new positions. Some of the girls really surprised themselves with their shooting skills and Shriya was Copthorne’s top goal scorer with 5 goals.

The eventual tournament winners were Holmewood House who won all their matches and Copthorne finished in 2nd place and were awarded with silver medals. Well done girls, a really enjoyable afternoon of netball.

The team: Shriya (5), Tia (4) Hannah (2), Emily, Abigail (2), Isabella (2), Jenna (1), Alana (4).