2nd XII Rugby v Brambletye

    Brambletye 2nds    37    Copthorne 2nds    0
    Our man of the match: Bertie

    The final game of the season was something of an anticlimax for us, as we were
    beaten fair and square by a decent Brambletye side.  There were moments of
    individual brilliance from a few of our players; Siyoon barelled half way up the
    pitch; brushing aside several tacklers.  Milo and Bertie also made some
    aggressive attacking runs, but they didn’t have the support once the ball went
    to ground.  As a result we failed to capitalise on our opportunities.  We really
    should have scored at least one try, and it was disappointing to come away
    without scoring.  On a brighter note, Michael made some good defensive kicks
    and Simon played extremely well in his first match for the 2s.  Well done, but
    more cohesion needed boys.

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