Students with headteacher

2nd XII v Ashdown House

7th March 2016

Lost 24-51

This is the most difficult match report I have had to write this season. The boys had lost only 1 match to date and were starting against a team that had not yet won a match. In fact, we started strongly, when Josh V caught the kick off and ran strongly, evading several tackles  score immediately. We were 7-0 up after Nick K converted and we looked well set for a convincing victory.

Perhaps it was the ease of this first score that encouraged the boys to sit back and leave the tackling to others, because from this point on, almost every time that the opposition had possession they scored. I am afraid some players were actively moving out of the way to avoid contact and Ashdown House could not believe their luck. The outstanding exception to this was Nathan who showed a commitment and determination in the tackle from start to finish. He was deservedly man of the match and set an example which his peers should have followed. Freddie also deserves praise for playing through significant pain, lasting half the match and indeed scoring a try from a short pass taken at pace. Strong running skills were also on display as usual from Josh, not just in the first minute, and Dan W who scored two tries.

Rugby matches are usually won by the team with the best defence and ours, with the exception of Nathan, was very poor indeed this week. HS