2nd/3rd VII Netball v Brambletye – Lost 8-9

The adverse weather took us to playing indoors, we were the last match to play, keeping the girls focused whilst watching the U11’s play out their match. Two 15 minutes was agreed in a very warm Sports Hall. The game was flowing well and both teams were matched like for like and few mistakes were being made on both sides of the lines but it can be a little confusing when the girls are much more use to playing on an outdoor court. Victoria absolutely played her heart out today, running and practically nearly covering every inch of the court. Keeping strong in defence was Prisha, who batted every ball away from her opponent, it was important today to have strength & speed and that we certainly showed. We had a two minute interval in which this gave us enough time to replenish and regroup for a team chat. One change was made a straight swap, Lily with Alejandra. Whom may I add both these girls played extremely well. We started the second half with the same feistiness as we ended in the first, and yet again both teams were occupying the goal nets. Drawing at 8-8 and with only seconds to go Brambletye shot and scored the winning goal!

9-8 final score. Disappointment could be felt on that final whistle. Copthorne girls, don’t be! You all played with 100% commitment some matches we win & some we lose. Remember – it was only a goal difference! Well done to all.¬†MC



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