The cross country team travelled to Ardingly for the re-scheduled Cross Country Relay event. This race is run over a 1km course with each member of the team taking it in turns to complete the lap. The first team to have their 6th runner cross the finish line is crowned champions!

Although our boys’ and girls’ teams put in enormous amounts of effort we could not threaten the leader board; there were, however, some very good individual perfor-mances. Alice and Beau claimed the ‘runners of the day’ medals for Copthorne with Gabi and Dan W also running solid laps.

Well done to all 12 runners; I am pleased with your efforts and you have each earned a double effort star! MA

Boys: Beau, Kieron, Bradley, Oliver, Daniel T & Daniel W

Girls: Gabi, Alice, Emily, Rosie, Josie and Hermione