Colts A Football v Caterham

Our first match of the season turned out to be a tough game against Caterham, a side that are always competitive. The scoreline is slightly flattering to our opponents though they definitely deserved the win. We competed well for the first half, against boys who were clearly physically bigger than us on average and went in at the break only a single goal down. Everyone was working hard for each other, with Luca holding the ball up quite nicely in attack, Ben C and Sam D linking up quite nicely, and Jacob putting in some strong tackles in defence. Sam S made some nice runs down the right flank, and Liban also defended nicely making some good blocks in quite desperate situations.

Within the first minute of the second half things began to go wrong, with a controversial goal going in for Caterham when the ball quite probably had gone out of play in the build up. (Even I as ref had a bad second half!). After that 3 more goals were scored in quick succession and by the end of the game the result was pretty one sided, with only Ben B, our goal keeper really coming away from the second half having played well. He made numerous excellent saves and showed great bravery in blocking shots from close range with no regard for his own safety. Ben B definitely was our man of the match, but on the whole this was not a great start to the season for us. We need to pick ourselves up and focus on the positive performance from the first half as we move on. DJ


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