Students with headteacher

Colts A Football vs Shoreham

7th September 2017

A winning start from our Colts A Football team!

The Colts A put on a great performance on Wednesday afternoon to start their season off with a bang with a convincing victory over Shoreham College. Considering the boys have only had two training sessions together it was pleasing to see how the team gelled throughout the course of the afternoon and how a bad start was quickly turned around into something a lot more positive. The afternoon didn’t start as planned. After having most of the ball and chances in the first third, Shoreham scored two breakaway goals to put themselves 2-0 ahead. With the whistle about to blow for half time, Copthorne finally made their pressure pay off with Luke having a shot saved by the keeper and Ben slotting in the rebound to leave the score at 2-1 at the first break.

The second period was probably where Copthorne played their best football and were at their most dominant. 2 corners resulted in 2 goals with Sam leaping through the air to score 2 almost identical goals with unstoppable headers. Ben got in on the act again with a free kick from his own half which took a defection into the goal and Copthorne looked to be plain sailing towards a victory. Wesley, Nicholas and Ewan had assured games at the back letting little past them. Shoreham did manage to get a goal back before the third ended but with a good lead the boys remained positive.

The final third was a bit of an up and down affair. Sloppy marking at the back let in Shoreham to get within two goals. A bad kick from the Shoreham keeper went straight to Luke who calmly passed the ball into the back of the net from more or less the half way line to restore the lead and then Sam completed his hat trick with a nice finish. Shoreham then got in again to score three goals to get within one goal of Copthorne and what would have been a slightly undeserved draw. Fear not though, Henry, who worked tirelessly all game, won the ball back and played in Luke on the left who put the ball past the keeper to complete his hat trick and the victory for Copthorne.

A 7-5 win doesn’t really show how dominant the boys were but it could be a lesson of making sure you hold onto your lead and be ruthless. When you are 4 goals up you need to defend well and don’t need to all flood forward to score that next goal. A tournament on Monday should provide a stern test for the boys.