Students with headteacher

Colts A Hockey v Hazelwood 

6th November 2015

Won 9-1 

“Life is a box of chocolates” and much like the Colts hockey season so far, we never know what we are going to get! All matches so far have had a little surprise; this Wednesday we had a few.

After Mrs Dodson’s cross country diversion we arrived at our destination. All prepared, eager and keen to get go-ing on the grass. We made our way down to the playing fields only to come to the realisation that we would not be playing on grass but their tennis/netball courts. Nothing new to the girls as they have had the experience playing on the schools courts. What was unusual though was the direction of play and positioning of the goals!

In true Copthorne style the girls adjusted quicker than I had expected and held nothing back. They were determined to play their type of hockey no matter what. From the start everyone zoned in to win the ball. The forwards were quick to get in front of the ball and back themselves with their evasion skills to create scoring opportunities. Only a few minutes had passed before Jemima opened the scoring with her trade mark dodge to the right of the keeper. Ruby was quick to support the forwards and quickly picked up everything that managed to sneak through our press, passing the ball straight back to unmarked players. Our defence, Sophia and Emily found themselves higher up the pitch than usual as the ball seldom entered our defensive half. This left Isabella with little to do. The goals were now coming at regular intervals with all 4 attacking players (Lila, Emma, Jemima and Ruby) contributing with assists and goals.

With a 6 goal lead at half time we agreed to swap keepers. Isabella made her fellow Copthorne players work the ball around her if they wanted to score. This resulted in only 3 goals scored in the 2nd half. With some of her clearances, she was able to give Hazelwood the space and numbers on the ball to counterattack. This caught Copthorne off guard on a few occasions and ended up having to chase back to clear their lines. The home side started to string a lot more accurate passes together, making their way up the pitch. This determination was rewarded with a well-deserved goal.

Congratulations to all the girls for a great game played in good spirits. Well done to Jemima as she was voted player of the match and also to Lila for top goal scorer of the afternoon, 4 in total.