Students with headteacher

Colts A Hockey v HXP 

13th November 2015

Won 4-1 

It has been a long time (week 2) since the Colts A had a home fixture; this week they hosted Handcross Park outside on the grass pitch.

The first decision of the day: do we play uphill or downhill first? The girls backed themselves and went with uphill first. All was looking good as both Jemima and Beth were very keen to run and attack with the ball, creating chances and approaching the defenders circle first. HXP managed to keep us out and quickly turned their attention towards attacking our circle. Sophie and Abigail had a lot to do this half as they found it difficult to clear the ball up hill over the thick grass of the pitch. The visiting team kept coming and committed many players in the circle area to try and break the deadlock. This helped Copthorne to sneak a break away as the girls intercepted the ball allowing Jemima to drive up the right hand side of the field and comfortably shoot and score. Jemima soon doubled the score in almost the same fashion, this time her shot coming from a lot wider of the goal. HXP did not give up and managed to put one goal in before half time.

The girls were quite confident going into the second half as they knew they had the downhill leg next. During the 2nd half the girls started to pass the ball more as they felt they had more time on the ball. Once again it was

Jemima and Beth that did most of the attacking but was also supported well by Ruby, Lila and Emily. It was not all Copthorne in this half; HXP continued to be aggressive and determined to get the ball up field. Isabella could not switch off and had to make a couple of really good saves, even Sophia had to intercept and clear away the danger. As the game progressed HXP were also finding it more and more difficult to clear the ball allowing Copthorne’s top goal scorer, Jemima to add 2 more goals.

Well done to Isabella for being voted player of the Match.


We lost the toss therefore HXP had the first push back, but we started well. Jemima scored all the goals with Beth helping in the D. Also Ruby, Lila and Emily helped us on the way. Teamwork helped us all. On the defending side our two amazing defenders Sophia and Abigail were hitting several of the incoming ball out, but one.

Our goal keeper, Isabella was chosen as player of the match. Issy let in only one goal. Both teams played very well that day. Thank you to Miss P and all the supporters.

(written by the ‘A’ team) 

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