After a very wet first week of rounders, we managed to get a little bit further this week to complete one full timed innings! Mallory captained the mixed year 5/6 team this week and after losing the toss, Copthorne went into bat first. After a slow and cautious start due to the weather conditions, the Colts started to get on the scoreboard with great full rounders from Mallory and Ella, and some good halves from Freya, Beth, Gabi and Zara. After the first innings we had scored 5 which was a good start, but not as much as we had hoped! The Colts then went into field and were tight to begin with, with Mallory and Ella both taking a catch early on and Gabi also stumping out some players at the second post.

However as the weather deteriorated, so did our focus slightly resulting in Brambletye squeezing a few full rounders past us, to give them an overall score of 8. After this innings the match was unfortunately called off as it was becoming too slippery for the girls to continue, which was a shame as I think had there been a second innings this match could have been turned!

Well done to all the Colts today, as it was a great effort from you all, in weather more fit for ducks, than rounders!

Mallory 2, Ella 1, Freya ½, Gabi ½, Zara ½, Beth ½, Emily, Macie, Keira, Annabelle.