Colts A Football Team

The Colts A came up against a strong Brambletye side on Wednesday afternoon and were made to work hard to even keep the ball for more than a few seconds. Most of the games chances fell Brambletye’s way with their tricky forwards causing problems for the Copthorne defence. They held firm for long periods and put in some good tackles but it was only a matter of time it seemed before Brambletye made the most of all their opportunities. When Copthorne did have the ball they struggled a little to find each other as they were closed down quickly by the opposition. Most of the game was played on the back foot with our defence being tested over and over again. Wesley, Nicholas and Sam all worked hard and put in some good tackles, Kochi in goal made several great saves and managed to keep the score down. Sam, Ewan and Henry worked hard in midfield but found it difficult to get any kind of foothold in the game and had to feed off scraps. Ben and Luke also had to work hard for any kind of possession. Towards the end a breakaway finally turned the boys effort into a goal as Ben finished calmly when one on one with the keeper. A final score of 4-1 was hard to take but it showed the boys what kind of teams they could come up against this season and left us plenty to work on in training over the coming weeks.