Well what an eventful afternoon the Colts 6-a-side had yesterday. If yesterday was a recipe it would read like this.

Pick 6 Under 11 boys.
Sprinkle in a spot of sunshine.
Drop in a few missed catches.
Stir in a last ball win.
Chop up a few square cuts.
Smell the BBQ.
Leave out the silly run outs.
Flavour with a touch of excellent behaviour.
Bring to the boil with some superb ground fielding.
Finish of with a breakdown on the A23.

Sometimes the best meals are often appreciated the next day. I would like to say that we had a lovely afternoon. We won 1 and lost 2 but winning the tournament was not important to me. I wanted the boys to have a good time and end the afternoon with a smile on their face. Thank you for a lovely afternoon. IP

Team: Zac, Luke, Louis, Kieron, Bradley, Josh