Students with headteacher

Colts B Cricket v Cottesmore

26th June 2016

The Colts B’s were up against Cottesmore this week in the last game of the season. The Copthorne side lost the toss and had to start the match off by batting. The field was quite wet to play on which made it difficult to score 4’s as the ball didn’t travel very well along it. Nevertheless, the boys made many singles and special mention must go to Sam S and Antony N for scoring a total of 14 and 11 runs respectively. By the end of the 20 overs the Colts had made a total of 80 runs. Copthorne then took to the field and did some excellent bowling throughout the match however this wasn’t very consistent and we found ourselves giving away many easy runs from the wides that were bowled. Consequently,  Cottesmore gained most of their points this way and  ended up chasing down our total with 3 overs to go.  Despite losing, all the boys enjoyed themselves and tried their best which is what it’s all about!  BMcG, DVm