Students with headteacher

Colts B Cricket v Hazelwood 

22nd April 2016

Well it was sunny, windy and the ground got my feet wet so it must be the start of the cricket season. Copthorne won the toss and decided to field . Akshay took 2 wickets in his first two overs and we had Hazelwood under pressure. However they had three decent batsmen who all scored around 30 which led to a imposing total to chase of 140.

Our batting lacked a little in power and with the wet outfield we struggled through our 20 overs but did not get bowled out which was a positive. The boys fielded really well with lots of diving stops and good chasing and lots and lots of good verbal encouragement. We lost the match by a big margin and although the boys worked well together we must try and work on our basics, bowling straight being one, and some game awareness including wearing kit so it is comfortable.

The boys behaved really well and are such a lovely group we will help them as much as possible during lessons. Many thanks as ever for parents support.

Our magic moment going out to bat without wearing gloves … Don’t worry boys I am sure you will find a few deliberate mistakes from me.