Students with headteacher

Colts C& D Football v St Christopher’s 

13th November 2015

Rumours were that St Christopher’s were a strong side this year and so it proved as both the C’s lost 2-0 and the D’s were beaten 7-0.

The C’s game was a tight affair but we were unable to create any real chances and despite Austin’s heroics in goal he couldn’t keep them out for the whole game. The D’s had a couple of changes to make to the team due to illness. David C put on the goalkeeper jersey and did a sterling job reminding me of the Polish keeper from the 70’s who kept England at bay in a World Cup qualifier. He stopped the ball with every part of his body and sometimes without realising it. Sonny also had a good game but it was to no avail as we were soundly beaten. I would encourage the boys in both the C’s and D’s to keep going and working hard in training. I know that it has not been the easiest of seasons but keep your heads up. IP