Colts C Hockey v Great Walstead – Lost 0-8

Great Walstead won the first push back and they soon were on the move towards our defenders. Copthorne worked hard to clear the ball but were taken by surprise and Great Walstead scored.

Copthorne tried to use the next pushback to go forwards, but the opposition were stronger in their passing and they managed to score again.

Despite the eventual score Copthorne got better and better during the match which was fantastic to watch. This was the first time our girls had played on the pitch and despite their inexperience, they kept going and were quite fearless in their tackles. Although our defenders were kept busy there were a couple of times when we came close to scoring. Clarabella had two fantastic runs with the ball which earned her ‘player of the match ‘ from the opposition.

I was particularly impressed with our defenders especially Alayna and Tia who are my chosen two players of the match.

So well done Grace, Orianne, Shriya, Tia, Clarabella, Macie, Keisha, Emily and Alayna; I look forward to our next coaching sessions. LD


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