Students with headteacher

Colts C Hockey v LND 

20th November 2015

Lost 0-2 

This was an evenly matched game despite the end score. Notre Dame had the first push back and although they had the advantage Copthorne were soon on the defensive. There were some good clears from our defenders Alayna and Shriya who worked hard together with our fabulous goalie Grace. Our forwards Tanishka, Ruby, Orianne, Macie and Emily tried to drive the ball forwards however, the girls did not use all the available space. Notre Dame worked hard too and soon they had scored the first goal. Copthorne kept the pressure up but found it difficult to keep it controlled in the D.

Notre Dame scored their second goal in the second half and even though there was some good defending from Keisha, Tia and Ruby it wasn’t our day to score. LD

Player of the match chosen by Notre Dame – Alayna

Player of the match chosen by Mrs Dodson – Ruby O