Students with headteacher

Colts C Netball v Great Walstead 

26th February 2016

Lost 1–11 

Although the girls tried their best unfortunately they were outplayed by a very strong and well-drilled GW side.

Copthorne only managed to get the ball into their shooting area a few times and with only one successful shot. GW had many attempts on goal and were able to convert the majority of them.

The team of Emily, Hannah, Orianne, Tali, Tia, Freya, Leah, Shriya and Tanishka had passages of play which showed some promise. However, their passes were not accurate enough and the opposition managed to intercept them too easily, turning defence into attack.

Copthorne now need to work on their positioning on the court. When this is improved I am sure the team will be able to use this extra space to move the ball into the goal area.

The final score was Great Walstead 11, Copthorne 1.

The Great Walstead team chose Hannah as the Copthorne Player of the match.

Mrs Toovey