Colts E v Cumnor House

16th November 2017

It was clear from the outset that this week we faced a strong side from Cumnor House.  Playing with the slope in the first half we only ventured into their half on a few occasions and Tom, Matthew, Daniel, Andrew and Dylan all put in vital tackles.  Josh, Arun and Alex also tracked back to help defend and Toby was kept busy in goal.  In fact, Toby’s kicks from the hand were generating out best attacking opportunities.  The half-time score was 0-2 and at this point Josh took over from Toby in goal.  We talked about the need to increase our tackle count and energy levels when Cumnor were in possession as well as the need to find Alex who was consistently beating several defenders.  The boys did all make more effort to deny the opposition time and space after the break, but there is still room for improvement here.  They also cleared their lines much better and found Alex which enabled him to slide past a couple of defenders to score our only goal.  Arun continued to run hard and Dylan battled bravely for the ball.  Tom was also noticeably more combative in the second half.  The final score was 1-5 which was a fair reflection of the run of play.  Man of the match was Alex for an outstanding display of skill, hard running and determination.