Students with headteacher

Colts E vs Pennthorpe E team

21st September 2017

It was a fine afternoon for some football and the scene was set for a good match for our boys in their game vs Pennthorpe. Coming in to the game, they were confident and it showed very much so, as they were a dominant force throughout the game. After having majority possession and chances after great runs by our forwards, Rio and Tom, the only goal of the game in our 1-0 win came from 2 deflections, though mainly off the boot of Arun just before half time. We deserved to be in front and could have gotten many more. The likes of Toby and Luke creating really great chances showed our dominance going forward; our mighty defence also flexed its muscles after swift defensive clearances and interceptions by Alexander, Felix and Freddie.

Pennthorpe had beautiful chances on goal by good plays, but the brilliance of first half goal keeper Joshua and second half goal keeper Toby showed our determined spirit to hold on to a much deserved win to strengthen what is set to be a solid season.

The boys have shown TREMENDOUS spirit and heart in practice and performance and I couldn’t be more proud. Well done boys!

Final score: Copthorne 1-0 Pennthorpe