Students with headteacher

Colts ‘F’ Football v St. Christopher’s Colts ‘E’

12th November 2016

The boys played St Christopher’s at home this week. As St Christopher’s could only bring an E team the F’s had a bit of a challenge ahead of them. As always the boys were up for it and it was a great match.

The match started off very slowly with both teams trying to find their rhythm. Copthorne started to get more structure to their game and started to work as a team. That change in game plan gave us a goal in the first half. The boys started to enjoy the match and started to get confident and there was non stop attack til the end of the half, but we couldn’t get anything from it.

Copthorne started the second half off on a high note when we scored our second goal in the early part of the half. The match then suddenly changed when St Christopher’s scored and they started to play better. The match finished 2-1 in Copthorne’s favour. The boys played really well as a team and played for each other.

Well done to: Luke, Andrew, Rio, Harry, Freddie, Alexander and Sonny