Students with headteacher

Colts ‘Lightning’ Cricket v Pennthorpe

19th June 2016

The Colts played two matches against Pennthorpe this Wednesday. We played 6 a side cricket which was new to the boys, so we had to make some changes to our normal game. In our first match we bowled first and it was tough at first, but our wicket keeper Jake was consistent behind the wickets. We bowled all 6 overs and got one wicket from Karan. Their final total was 25. We scored 28, pulling it through in the last over, and won the last match with great batting from Cosmic, Ben and Louis.

The second match was a bit more of a challenge. We bowled first again and had wickets from Louis, Cosmic, Karan and Sam. Unfortunately we couldn’t pull the second game through. Never the less we are proud of the boys.