Students with headteacher

Copthorne U8C vs Caterham/Aberdour/Hazelwood

11th October 2017

The boys travelled very enthusiastically to Caterham prep school on Tuesday afternoon for a tournament which saw them play 3 different games of 12 minutes each against 3 different schools. Our first set opponents were hosts, Caterham and right from kick off, the boys showed tremendous spirit and heart and burst forward exceptionally well. Their efforts were rewarded and captain on the day, Louis K scored the first of what was 3 exceptional goals! The boys pushed Caterham into their own half all game long and after fantastic running from Noah J, Sachin L got the ball from a great ball through to slot home our 4th of the game. Dylan W got the 5th goal right at the end after more attacking brilliance.

The next 2 games seemed more challenging for the boys, although they dominated large portions of the games on the whole. Eisa K made phenomenal saves in goal from many fine opposition shots. Upon throwing the ball out to resume play, Jamie L made superb runs down the lines, driving the ball up field, yet unfortunately no one could put the ball away in the nets in either of the last 2 games. Caden M and Liam S were extremely stable and confident at the back, playing their socks off with great defensive play in the games.

We came away unbeaten, with a 5-0 win over Caterham and two goalless draws vs Hazelwood and Aderbour, but the boys’ play throughout all games were extremely pleasing and they did phenomenal work on the day. You should all be very proud boys. Well done!