U9A Netball v Notre Dame Won 11-2

After a foggy start to the day, the sun came out and shone just like the U9S netball today! The girls were enthusiastic from the start perhaps a little too much to begin with, and it took the U9s up until half time to settle before they picked their play up and began to play their normal game. It was from then on that they shone and dominated this match.

In the second half of the match the defence consisting of Amber, Madeleine, Elise and Ellie got out their ‘magic glue’ and were superb, sticking to their players every move and gaining some great interceptions as a result. They allowed no shots on goal throughout this half and should be commended for that! Let’s hope they remember the ‘magic glue’ for next week!

The attack consisting of Ami, Hermione, Alice and Yelena used their positioning and space of the court to their advantage and excelled in the second half of the match. There was some great netball played by all and it was wonderful to watch their confidence and exuberance on court! A special mention must go out to Yelena who scored a fantastic goal on the edge of the D but unfortunately the goal was disallowed as the ball had not gone through the net before the final whistle blew! This did not affect the result however as the game was still deservedly won by Copthorne by 11 goals to 2!

Well done Girls another great win, you have made a fantastic start to the season so far and is nice to see your game improving week by week.Let’s keep it up! T.C

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