Girls Indoor Hockey Vs Hurst

3rd Lost 0-2

The girls third team got the matches started, for most of them it was their first match. Romy made a quick impression in the goals making some excellent saves. Our defensive players Reihaanah and Georgia had to work hard as we found ourselves on the defence most of the time. Sian who was playing in the midfield was determined to supply our forwards with the ball as quickly as possible and running back to help the defence. The opposition kept the pressure on us the whole match resulting in them scoring two goals. Both Ellen and Connie didn’t get much possession upfront and only had a few shots on goal.


2nd Lost 1-2

Again Romy played in goals, and as the game went on she went from strength to strength. By learning from the previous games mistakes, the girls went onto the field and got stuck in, tackles were stronger and our defensive players Sasha and Federica made their tackles outside the circle, not allowing the opposition to have early shots on goal. Becky found herself doing a lot of work in the middle taking players on and defending, this resulted in us having a short corner from which Becky scored. Lister and Charlotte played well upfront and came close on a couple of times to draw level.


1st Lost 1-3

It was now time for the 1st to take the field, both teams were evenly matched and the game was much closer than the score suggests. Avni once again was superb in goals, coming off her line to meet the player with the ball and making excellent saves. Roshni was determined to make tackles and clear any danger in the circle. She was supported by Subin who covered on the other side of the field. Georgia, playing in the middle, played more of a defensive role getting the early ball up to our forwards, sometimes too early not realizing in fact that is was not our player see was passing to but the opposition. Katherine and Elise both were trying to create space and pull the defenders with them to make opportunities to score. Throughout the game we had more possession and chances to score compared to Hurst. It was just in the last few minutes of the game were we last our shape a bit resulting in Hurts scoring two quick goals.

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