U9 Hockey v Ardingly

Well what a fantastic afternoon of hockey to start the term off with! From the word go the U9s showed great determination, team spirit and were hungry for the ball – never giving up!

The girls were split into 3 mixed teams allowing all of the girls to participate in a mini 5/6 aside hockey match. The first team that played consisted of Emilie Lagrange, Madison McKay, Maddie Parker, Clara Vincent and Ellie Burchett. The girls were very nervous to begin with having to play first however as the match went on the girls skills improved, as did their play. There was some excellent defending from Clara who stopped and blocked many shots and passes into and around the D, and Ellie and Emilie worked tirelessly in attack with two of their shots narrowly missing the goal-rebounding off the hockey goal!! The final score was 2-0 to Ardingly and although a loss for this team the girl’s should be proud of their performance as they never gave up!

The second team that played consisted of Amber Buggins, Emily Workman, Amalia Finnegan, Yelena Finnegan and Hermione Ashbee. This team were especially hungry for the ball tackling well and chasing any loose balls resulting in a well deserved goal from Amber early in the match! Throughout the match Hermione and Amalia made lots of good interceptions and tackles resulting in a further goal being scored by Yelena. This match was the girls for the taking however in the last 2 minutes the girls lost their concentration and momentum, allowing Ardingly to score two goals evening up the score to 2-2. These girls should be extremely proud of their performance and deserved the win really!

The third team consisted of Natasha Jones, Madeline Liu, Elise Fry, Alice Renshaw, Holly Khambhaita and Rebecca Moore-Williams. Having watched and seen the other two teams play this team got a feel for the game and came out fighting! Elise and Alice were all over the pitch and there were some good stops from Natasha and Rebecca. Elise and Alice’s exuberance paid off with Elise scoring two great goals followed by Alice scoring one to bring the score line to 3 .The final score was 3-0 to Copthorne, a good win for the girls! Well done.

All of the U9s should be extremely proud of the performance this afternoon and I look forward to seeing the girl’s agility and hockey skills improve further as the term goes on! Once again thank you to all the Copthorne supporters who came to support the girls, it really does help, and a big thank you to Miss Cook and Miss Butler for all their help and support over the afternoon! T.C

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