This week the Junior swimmers went to Cumnor to take part in a training gala. Once again we saw some fantastic individual swims and exciting relays. In the backstroke event we had wins from Arun G and Matthew B and a close 2nd place from Ella C. In breastroke we had wins from Katie F and Eva Z and a win from Emi W in the Year 5 Butterfly event. In the front crawl event we had wins from Bella W, James D and Ellie D with some close 2nds from Tianna B, Harley B and Matthew B.

It was now time for the relays! The Year 3 medley relay was won by Arun, Ruby, Tianna and Bella with a great leg from Tianna to bring us level. The Year 4 Medley relay was won by Ella, Katie, James and Clara with a super leg from Katie giving the team a good lead. The Year 5 relay teams came 1st and 2nd; swam by Matthew, Eva, Emi and Ellie and Amreet, Luke, Katie and Amelie, with a great leg from Luke. The respective swimmers then went on to repeat their performance for the front crawl relay, cheered on by all the supporters.

It was now down to the squadron which is a 6x25m relay. This was again won by Copthorne with a team of Tianna, Bella, Harley, Katie, Emi and Ellie. What a great event to finish on!

Huge congratulations to all the swimmers, just a little diving practice to do now! A great gala!