This week the girls mixed rounders team took on Cottesmore U9 team. Tanishka and Tia were the captains and they opted to bat first! The girls were a little timid to start off with and they needed to remember to keep their eye on the ball when they are running. A full rounder was scored by Shriya and halves were scored by Alayna, Orianne, Tanishka, Clarabella and Keisha. The girls managed to score 5½! It was now their turn to field and again they needed to keep a close eye on the ball! Tanishka bowled really well and Orianne stumped a player out on 3rd post, however Cottesmore managed to score a big 10½ rounders!

During the second half the girls knew they had to be a little more aggressive with their batting and tighter with their fielding. The girls batted better scoring a total of 6½! Halves were scored by Alayna, Shriya, Lacey, Simi, Tanishka, Clarabella, Tia and Keisha. During their fielding Tanishka continued to bowl well and the girls were a little more active in the field with Alayna catching a player out and Tia stumping a player out on 2nd post. Despite their best efforts Cottesmore managed to score 11½ bringing their final total to 22 rounders.

Well done to all the girls who played.