First match of this exciting triangle was the Mums v the Leavers!  With all the mums having 3 bats each the scoreboard ticked along nicely. 

Karen Flavin got the mums off the mark with a ½ rounder followed by a brilliant hit from Barb Easton who scored the Mum’s first rounder of the afternoon.  Rounders were also scored by Jill Hendrikse, Clare Pasquini and Isabel Kerneis.  The Mum’s ended their innings with a very respectable 10½ rounders off 42 deliveries!

Ros Baker (1), Sarah Mendola (½), Emma Smith (½), Karen Flavin (1½), Jill Hendrikse (1½), Barbs Easton (1½), Cheryl Meldrum (½), Michelle Singleton (½), Clare Pasquini (1½), Isabel Kerneis (1), Jill Ratoff (½), Tanya Delaney, Anita Bhargava, Jayne Webb.

The girls were up next to bat.  Amber got the team off to the dream start hitting a massive rounder off the first ball delivered by Michelle Singleton!  All the girls scored on their first ball apart from Katie who unfortunately was caught out by Michelle.  Cheryl Meldrum had the catch of the day – Frosty was in the batting box, fast spin ball delivered from Michelle, hit the bat, went backwards and Cheryl made a magnificent one handed catch at backstop!   Cheryl had a good partnership going with Sarah Mendola on 1st post, stumping Amber out on her third ball.  Jill Hendrikse also had a good catch after Roselly hit the ball high into the sky!  After 30 good balls the girls ended the match winning 17-10½.

Next up Staff v Mums 

The staff put on a good performance against the mums with all the players getting on the scoreboard.  Great hitting from Miss P, Miss Jones, Mrs Dodson all scoring rounders.  Ending their batting innings on 12.  A huge score for the mums to chase! 

Miss Prinslo0, Miss Jones, Miss Carter, Miss Cook, Mrs Dodson, Mrs Toovey, Mrs Wade, Miss Gwynne-Jones, Mrs Preen.

Unfortunately the staff proved too good in the field for the mums and apart from a huge hit from Karen Flavin, they only managed 2½ rounders with catches being made from Miss Jones (catching Mrs Meldrum) and Mr(s) Stefan Mendola catching Mrs Pasquini! 

Last 22 good ball match was the Girls v Staff.  The girls’ fielded brilliantly and no full rounders were scored by the staff. They managed to score 3½ rounders.  The girls batted well and won this game by 3 rounders.  6½-3½.

A fabulous afternoon of fun rounders – a huge thank you to all the mums; all the staff; and all the girls for making this a great event.   The Year 8 girls are a super bunch and I will miss them all greatly next term.  Good luck to you all in your new schools.  

A massive thank you to Jimmy for all of his hard work marking out the pitches, to Karen & Matron  for all the match teas, to my fellow coaches; Miss P, Miss Jones, Miss Carter, Miss Cook, Mrs Dodson, Miss Gwynne-Jones & Mrs Conniff, to Richard, Keith, Ian & Ray for helping transport the girls to matches and to all of the parents who also helped over the year with transport and for their invaluable support week after week on the sidelines.  MJ