Although Cumnor had the first centre pass Copthorne were soon in possession. Our centre Jennifer worked tirelessly with our attackers Jasmine and Jemima to get the ball to Sophie our goal shooter. After a couple of

unsuccessful attempts Copthorne were soon scoring. I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy that our goal shooters played with and our defenders Jessica, Pippa, Eloise and Ivy May made it very difficult for Cum-nor to get the ball down to their D.

By half time Copthorne were streets ahead at 11-0. After several changes of position Copthorne were back in possession for most of the quarter. However Cumnor were refocused and Copthorne were unable to score. In the final quarter Cumnor scored however even with a change in shooters Copthorne managed to score again.

Well done girls it was a fabulous match and you were a pleasure to coach. LD

Player of match as voted by Cumnor – Sophie
Player of the match as voted by Mrs D – Jennifer